Suspension of Freemasonry

On 17th March 2020 the Most Worshipful Grand Superintendent suspended Freemasonry in UGLE for a period of four months.

An Emergency Convocation planned for 20th March 2020 was abandoned.

A Regular Convocation due on 14th April 2020 was abandoned.

The suspension ended on 17th July 2020 and very restricted meetings were permitted.

Emergency Convocations called for 8th August 2020 and 26th September 2020 were both abandoned.

Our Installation Convocation which should have taken place on 6th October 2020 was not possible and the existing officers remained in post.

 Freemasonry was again suspended from 5th November 2020.

Most restrictions on Freemasonry were removed on 21st June 2021 in accordance with the Governments pathway to more normal life.